Irish students launch social media campaign showing alternative options to a boozy Christmas

Irish students launch social media campaign showing alternative options to a boozy Christmas

COMING home this Christmas and dreading the pressure many Irish people feel to survive the seasonal festivities? Have no fear.

Christmas is a time of year known for overindulgence, especially in the case of overeating and drinking too much.

The festive season calls for people to get merry with a drink or two either at home or in the pub, but for those who don't drink there's often a dilemma looming - to go out or not?

To tackle that problem, MSc in Science Communication student Jeanne Sutton along with a group of fellow students have set up a social media campaign to document an alcohol-free guide of Dublin.

The campaign has gathered traction on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #AFreeDublin to spread awareness of alcohol free options in Ireland's social scene, specifically in Dublin.


Speaking to The Irish Post, Jeanne Sutton who runs the AFreeDublin Instagram account said she was surprised by the success of the campaign: "It was really interesting that a campaign we started for a college project took off in such a way. I think what really satisfied me was seeing how openly supportive some of our followers were of a non-drinking co-existing in that sacred Irish space - the pub."

Surprisingly, some establishments were not interested in offering alcohol-free options according to Sutton: "Also, some places were not willing to engage at all with the campaign - the places that did though, they will be seeing my custom more often!

She told of how she chased Dublin hotspots but received no response on being included in the campaign: "We messaged a lot of places and followed up, but it was a case of 'message seen'. On Twitter a lot of places engaged when we tagged them."


Could this be the start of an alcohol-free social scene in Dublin? What do you make of the campaign?

For more updates, make sure to follow the AFree Twitter page below.