Irish whiskey granted special status by European Union

Irish whiskey granted special status by European Union

IRISH WHISKEY has been official granted geographic status by the European Union.

It means Ireland’s whiskey will now be marked with a special sign indicating “Geographic Indication”, as per the terms of the European Commission, and would list the product’s unique qualities and production methods.

The change will see Irish whiskey given the same kind of geographical status afforded to products like Champagne and Prosciutto.

It represents a major success for Irish whiskey distillers, who have been called for Irish whiskey to be granted special GI status for much of the past few years.

Under the application submitted to the EU by the Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) a variety of distinctive types of Irish whiskey have also been handed the special status.

These include familiar favourites like Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Grain Irish Whiskey, Malt Irish Whiskey and Blended Irish Whiskey.

Speaking to the Press Association, Carleen Madigan of the IWA hailed the decision for ensuring “the traditions and high standards of the Irish whiskey category will be protected in the EU and globally in markets with which the EU has a trade agreement.”

Now we’ll drink to that!