Irishman and daughter go viral on Twitter after friends mistake them for couple

Irishman and daughter go viral on Twitter after friends mistake them for couple

IT’S EVERY Irish father’s worst nightmare.

When proud dad Darren McCready decided to upload a picture of himself on a family holiday in Spain, he could never have predicted what would happen next.

Logging on to Facebook, he selected a picture of himself and his two daughters enjoying sunnier climes, captioning it “Family Holidays Salou” for further clarification.

There’s nothing new about uploading holiday pics to social media but, as the reactions began to flood in, Darren came across a rather unfortunate surprise.

Because, as it turned out, one of his so-called friends ended up getting their wires crossed.

Rather badly, in fact.

And you’d have to label the offender a ‘so-called’ friend given the epic blunder he perpetrated.

Keen to poke fun at Darren in a complimentary way, the social media offender commented on the picture: "You're punching mate! Have a good one."

That’s right: he’d only gone and assumed Darren was posing alongside his girlfriend rather than his daughter.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

On the one hand it seems like a strangely back-handed compliment to Darren. On the other, he is talking about Darren’s daughter.

Then again, could he be suggesting Darren’s daughter appears older than she actually is? The more you think about it, the more you cringe.

Thankfully, Darren took the jibe in his stride, even after someone replied stating the woman in the picture is “his wee girl”.

"Lol, cheers bud,” came Darren’s reply. Probably best he leaves it there.

In any case the whole thing was given an extra layer of awkwardness when Sophie McCready, Darren's daughter, shared the exchange in a series of screenshots posted to Twitter.

"Don’t really know how to take this to be honest," she captioned the offending images.

Safe to say I’ll never get a photo way my da again