It turns out everyone has been pronouncing Phil Lynott’s name wrong this entire time

It turns out everyone has been pronouncing Phil Lynott’s name wrong this entire time

PHIL LYNOTT is an Irish music legend, familiar to millions as the face and voice of classic rock outfit Thin Lizzy.

The Dublin rocker was beloved by fans the world over for songs like The Boys Are Back In Town and Jailbreak.

Lynott was only too happy to meet his followers, posing for photographs and signing autographs whenever the occasion called for it.

But there was one thing that irked the Crumlin man more than anything – when people mispronounced his surname.

As it turns out, fans were all too often guilty of doing that – including us here at the Irish Post.

According to the late rock legend’s two daughters, Sarah and Cathleen, it used to drive Lynott crazy that so many people struggled to pronounce his names.

That’s because while many pronounce the Thin Lizzy frontman’s name as “Linnet”, according to his two daughters it’s actually “Lie-not”.

According to Sarah, Lynott was so annoyed by the mistake he would often quip back “I’m not some feckin birds”.

The revelations came as part of an appearance on The Late Late Show where Lynott’s two daughters discussed his legacy ahead of the release of new film “Phil Lynott: Songs For While I'm Away”.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy. Cathleen described how she is often reminded of her dad simply because of her young son’s resemblance to him.

She said: "My son, Oscar, has got mannerisms, he's got his jaw, he’s got his height.

"He’s only 15 and he’s 6’ 5" and very lean, very long legs and just these little smirks and eye rolls that are really dad."

A bona fide Irish music legend, Lynott died tragically young at the age of just 26 in January 1986.