Jail for knife-wielding man who attempted to take medical centre staff hostage

Jail for knife-wielding man who attempted to take medical centre staff hostage

A MAN who attempted to take staff hostage in a medical centre and swung a meat cleaver at a woman has been jailed.

Michael Brannigan, 50, from Stockport, threatened a series of people with knives before heading to the medical centre where he threatened to take staff hostage.

He was tasered by police before being arrested and was this week jailed for 41 months.

"Brannigan wreaked havoc in a very short space of time and threatened multiple people with knives, not sparing a thought for the fear or distress that this could cause them," said Detective Constable Stephen Rothery of GMP's Stockport CID district.

"When he was arrested he was found to be carrying multiple knives so who knows what further damage or injury he could have caused to others if he hadn't been apprehended."

The events unfolded in Woodley, Stockport on March 12 this year.

Brannigan firstly struck a motorist in the face with a walking stick after gesturing for the driver to lower the window.

He then began to kick at the vehicle and brandish a knife at the occupants of the car.

Ten minutes later, Brannigan threatened staff at a chemist's, demanding they hand over medication.

Brannigan then proceeded to Woodley Health Centre where he threatened staff with a knife and smashed windows, forcing staff to barricade themselves into offices.

He then pulled out a kitchen knife and said he would take one member of staff hostage and allow the others to leave, saying, "If I see you again, I'm coming for you".

Brannigan then attempted to swing a meat cleaver at a female member of staff.


When police arrived, Brannigan refused to put down a metal pole he was holding and was subsequently tasered before being arrested.

While being restrained, two knives fell from his back pockets and onto the floor.

Brannigan was this week jailed after pleading guilty to four counts of possession of an offensive weapon, robbery, criminal damage, assault by beating and affray.

DC Rothery added: "Thankfully we've been able to secure a custodial sentence for him of 41 months today and I'm glad we've been able to remove another dangerous individual from our streets."