Jim Carrey cleared of wrongful death of Irish girlfriend - after lawyers prove she forged medical records

Jim Carrey cleared of wrongful death of Irish girlfriend - after lawyers prove she forged medical records

HOLLYWOOD actor Jim Carrey has been cleared of the wrongful death of his Irish ex-girlfriend after her family's lawsuit was thrown out. 

The actor's legal team proved that Ms White had forged her medical records to say she had no STDs prior to meeting Mr Carrey.

Tipperary-native Catríona White was found dead aged 30 in her home in Los Angeles on September 30, 2015.

Ms White's death, ruled a suicide, came just one week after her three-year relationship with Jim Carrey ended.

Catríona White died in September 2015 following a fatal overdose. (Picture: Cathríona White/Instagram)

A coroner's report following Ms White's death found that the make-up artist had a 'lethal amount' of prescription drugs in her system.

Ms White's ex-husband Mark Burton claimed the actor supplied her with drugs following her fatal overdose and her mother Brigid Sweetman also claimed that the 56-year-old actor gave Ms White three sexually-transmitted diseases, contributing to her mental distress.

However, the Golden Globe winning actor’s legal team proved that Miss White forged medical records showing that she had no STDs before she met Carrey in an attempt to blackmail him.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lawsuits, filed by Miss White’s husband Mark Burton, and mother Brigid Sweetman, were dismissed on January 25.

Mr Carrey filed a countersuit last September claiming that the legal action taken by her family was an attempt to exploit him and claimed that Ms White tried to blackmail him by threatening to go to the press with false allegations that he had given her STDs.

Last year, Mr Carrey’s attorney Raymond Boucher asked the court to compel Mr Burton to provide Ms White’s STD test results.

The legal team concluded that the 2011 document, showing that White was clear of STDs before she met Carrey, had been forged.

In June last year, Mr Boucher told The Irish Post that the allegations against the actor were 'absurd,' and that Ms White's medical records would prove she had STDs before she even met Mr Carrey.

Mr Boucher said: "The suggestion that she took her life because of him is absurd and so we're doing everything necessary to obtain the documentation, evidence and information to prove that."

Mr Boucher said that the 'bizarre' case should never have been filed, and her family should let Ms White rest in peace.

"It's really difficult for Mr Carrey, who cared deeply for her, to have to deal with all this.

"For him, it's a bizarre twist of fate that these people have decided to sue him rather than let her rest in peace, it's a crazy claim but unfortunately he has to deal with it."

Following the dismissal of the lawsuit, a representative for Mr Carrey said the actor is looking forward to moving on with his life.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Sweetman and Burton, on Wednesday sent The Hollywood Reporter a brief statement: “We have no further comment at this time.”