Jim Corr from The Corrs comes out in support of the anti-vaxx movement

Jim Corr from The Corrs comes out in support of the anti-vaxx movement

IRISH MUSICIAN Jim Corr of The Corrs has seemingly come out in support of the anti-vaxx movement in a move that has seen him come in for brutal criticism online.

Corr took to Twitter to voice his support for the anti-vaccination movement, which is led by a growing group of parents and individuals who are refusing to immunise their children against a raft of illnesses.

While vaccines have been known to have adverse reactions in a small group of people, scientists have always stressed the benefits far outweigh the risks in this regard.

Despite this, the number of people vaccinated against measles has been falling in countries like the US, which recently reported its first measles death in 12 years.

With measles infections are their highest since the diseasd was first eradicated, Corr took to Twitter to offer his view on the subject, writing:

“What if we were actually meant to get mild childhood illnesses like Measles so as to help prime our immune systems into fighting much greater diseases in later life?”

It’s fair to say the tweet didn’t go down too well among his followers.

“Measles is not mild” one wrote. “Oh Jim. No. No no no,” another added.

“I ALMOST DIED at the age of 5 from Rubella measles & pneumonia,” a third tweeted.

“It added to my genetic bundle of autoimmune problems that have given me chronic pain my whole life. Measles will destroy your immune system & if you survive, you pay an enormous price. VACCINATE.”

Corr was having none of it though.

#Google has also been censoring the vaccine debate,” he wrote in one follow-up tweet.

The musician then took things a little further with a tweet condemning the use of…suncream.

“Most sunscreens are toxic. One must look carefully at the ingredients. Our skin is a living breathing organ that can absorb what is put on it especially if it's hot,” he tweeted.

It would appear Jim Corr isn’t changing his mind any time soon.