Joe Biden's long-lost British cousin says US Presidential candidate is ‘too old for the job’

Joe Biden's long-lost British cousin says US Presidential candidate is ‘too old for the job’

JOE BIDEN’S long-lost British cousin believes the US Presidential hopeful is “too old for the job”.

Ralph Biden, 74, is a distant cousin of the Democratic candidate with the pair related through their great, great, great grandfathers, who originated out of County Louth in Ireland.

A retired graphic designer now living in Surrey, Ralph only learnt he was related to the possible next President of the United States after being approached by The Times.

But despite the family ties, he’s not entirely sure the 77-year-old should be elected, or even be standing for that matter.

Ralph said: "In my heart of hearts he's a little bit too old for the job, but then again Winston Churchill was about the same age when he was elected again after the war and he didn't do a bad job, so who knows."

He also warned that, if elected, his cousin would be inheriting a “horribly divided” country.

Ralph said: "It's got to be a very high pressure job and the buck stops in the Oval Office, he's going to inherit a country that's going to be horribly divided.

"I thought I could be related to him when Joe Biden became Vice President but I didn't really think it and just joked with a friend about it - that I was a distant cousin several times removed."

He did joke that he hoped he would be getting an invite to the White House if Biden wins – though he knows that is a longshot.

"Come on, distant cousin is hardly closely related but it's quite fun to know that you are related to the possible president of the USA."

Joe Biden’s Irish roots are well-documented.

Biden’s great-grandfather, James Finnegan, emigrated from County Louth as a child, in 1850.

All of his great-great-grandparents on his mother’s side  were born in Ireland over the first half of the 19th century.

On his father’s side, two great-grandparents were also born in Ireland.