Juror faints as gruesome details of Southampton woman's death emerge

Juror faints as gruesome details of Southampton woman's death emerge

A COURT in Winchester is hearing the gruesome details of the alleged murder of a “vulnerable” woman last year.

Majella Lynch, 51, passed away in Southampton on April 20, 2014 after being taken to hospital with “severe abdominal pain”.

Prosecutor William Mousley QC told Winchester Crown Court that medical staff found a full 400ml bottle of shampoo in Ms Lynch’s abdominal cavity. Ms Lynch’s carers had given her the bottle to help with her personal hygiene.

The bottle was removed but she died two days later.

A spare juror collapsed on Tuesday (July 14) after the details of how Ms Lynch’s death came about emerged.

Mr Mousley also said it would have been impossible for Ms Lynch to inflict the injury upon herself and that she refused to tell hospital staff what had happened.

Daniel McBride, 43, of Southampton stands accused of the murder of Majella Lynch – a charge he denies.

He does, however, admit that he visited Ms Lynch’s home at the time the injuries would have occurred.

“There was nobody else who could have been responsible for what the prosecution says was a perverted sexual assault,” Mr Mousley told the jury.

He also told the court that Ms Lynch seemed “scared” when asked about how the injuries were inflicted.

“She was at the very least reluctant to say what had caused this terrible pain, either denying that anything had happened to her or refusing to answer when asked the question but she did confirm to the nurses she saw in hospital she had been assaulted. She was obviously very scared.”

The trial continues in Winchester.