Kildare man wins €500,000 on a scratch card – but he hasn’t told his wife yet

Kildare man wins €500,000 on a scratch card – but he hasn’t told his wife yet

A KILDARE man is €500,000 richer after scooping the jackpot prize on a scratch card purchased from the shop in his local village.

Now all the lucky punter has to do is break the good news to his wife, who has been kept in the dark about the life-changing win.

He couldn’t believe his luck after winning the half a million jackpot on a scratch card purchased from his local Spar shop in the village of Prosperous in Co. Kildare.

Even then, he didn’t want to jinx it and decided to keep the news of his big money win a secret until it was confirmed. Or, at least, that’s the story he’s sticking to.

In any case, a rather interesting conversation awaits him at home.

“I bought the scratch card over the weekend and thought there had to be a mistake I couldn’t have been lucky enough to win a half million euros,” the Kildare man said.

“I decided not to tell a soul until I came into the Lottery offices to make my claim, just in case there was a mistake!

“I now have the cheque and a bottle of bubbly so I’m going to go home and gently break the news to my wife. I don’t think she’s going to believe me.”

We'd love to be a fly on the wall when he breaks the news.

While there might be some initial shock, something tells us that will subside once she sees the champagne and the half a million-pound winnings.