'Like Groundhog Day' - Christine Lampard gives chilling evidence of stalker hell

'Like Groundhog Day' - Christine Lampard gives chilling evidence of stalker hell

Christine Lampard revealed disturbing and sinister tweets she was bombarded with by her stalker left her feeling afraid to leave her own home.

The 39-year-old Loose Women presenter told Isleworth Crown Court that the tweets, which began in 2015, were at first "incoherent waffle" but then became extremely troubling.

Christof King, 39, allegedly contacted The One Show host on Twitter to tell her that he was "planning the words that will go on your gravestone" along with another tweet that said: "I can hear the scratch of your nails as I sharpen them ahead of your crucifixion."

Mrs Lampard, realising Mr King's tweets had "turned a dark corner", blocked and reported the obsessed fan's account but she continued to receive visits to her home from the actor as well as letters.

Mr King turned up at the Lampard's Chelsea residence in January 2017. Mrs Lampard recognised Mr King as the "man from Twitter" and informed her husband before hiding in a bedroom with her housekeeper.

Frank Lampard challenged Mr King regarding his behaviour towards Mrs Lampard, to which the actor replied he was writing a book on "synchronicity" and the Lampard family "kept coming up in his life".

Prosecution said that before leaving, Mr King leaned towards Mr Lampard with a "frustrated" and "angry" expression which left Mr Lampard worried about the safety of his wife and their two daughters, aged 10 and 12.

Too terrified to go out alone, Lampard continued to receive letters until September 2017 from Mr King.

One of the letters in question was addressed to her dog Minnie saying it was "good to meet". Mr King also begged in another letter for Mrs Lampard's help with the "MI5 and the media" who were plotting to humiliate him, according to the prosecution.

Mr King pleaded guilty to stalking Mrs Lampard but denies the sending of multiple tweets to the presenter which she described as making her feel "very uneasy".

The hearing continues.