‘It’s like Ku Klux Klan stuff’- Piers Morgan says Liam Neeson’s career could be over after ‘racist’ comments

‘It’s like Ku Klux Klan stuff’- Piers Morgan says Liam Neeson’s career could be over after ‘racist’ comments

PIERS MORGAN believes Liam Neeson’s career could be over in the wake of controversial comments made during an interview with The Independent.

Speaking at a press junket to promote new film Cold Pursuit Neeson revealed he once walked around for a week looking for “a black b*****d” to kill after finding out a loved one had been raped.

The comments have been widely condemned, with Morgan the latest figure to speak out against the Irish actor on Tuesday’s edition of Good Morning Britain on ITV.

“I don’t know what’s possessed Liam Neeson to tell this story,” he said. “When you hear him say this, I think there will be genuine, fully justified outrage over what he’s said.”

Morgan went on to draw comparisons between Neeson’s shocking comments and those once made by Mel Gibson back in 2004.

The Braveheart actor found himself all but blacklisted from Hollywood 15 years ago after a series of anti-Semitic comments he was alleged to have made were made public.

Gibson was later embroiled in another scandal after a recording of the actor making racist and abusive comments to his then girlfriend surfaced online.

Liam Neeson (Image: Getty)

“The only parallel I can think of is Mel Gibson who said some horrendous things to his Russian girlfriend or wife at the time. He was very racist when he said it,” Morgan said.

“The only difference here with Liam Neeson is he’s talking about himself and his own thought process, which was for an entire week not a moment of madness but a seven-day rampage around the streets waiting to for any black person to say the wrong thing so he could kill him.

“I can’t think of anything more staggering that’s come out of a movie star’s mouth. I would be very surprised if Liam Neeson’s career is not now in very serious trouble.”

“If I was a black person, I would not want to see this guy’s movies. So racist,” the ITV presenter added, stating that Neeson’s comments are “like Ku Klux Klan stuff.”

Neeson has yet to comment on the controversy surrounding his interview with The Independent.