London-inspired new collection for Irish artist Gerard Byrne

London-inspired new collection for Irish artist Gerard Byrne

LONDON'S rich tapestry will be the focus of a new series of works by Irish artist Gerard Byrne.

The Dubliner, who opened a new gallery in the city in December, will produce a body of figurative and architectural works as part of a major exhibition here later in the year.

Based in Britain over the last four months, Byrne is currently out on the streets of London and in his studio working on the new collection.

The series, entitled London’s Burning, will be a diary of London town through the artist’s eyes.

Byrne’s works already hang in Irish Government buildings, at Dublin Castle as well as in a number of foreign embassies - the Irish Government recently acquired one of his botanical pieces for display at the Irish Embassy in Beijing.

gerard-byrne1-n Gerard Byrne is pictured with his daughter Clara, wife Agata and parents Kathleen and Brendan (Photo: Malcolm McNally)

The artist has also proved popular among private collectors, particularly among London-Irish buyers, who account for 30 per cent of work currently sold.

Byrne’s London-based gallery, which is located in Clerkenwell, should prove a welcome addition for art enthusiasts interested in seeing more of his famed landscapes, seascapes, floral and botanical works.

Pictured are some of those who attended the recent gallery opening, which featured a London-inspired collection of oil and charcoal paintings.