Luck of the Irish? Man finds mystery €200 million in bank account

Luck of the Irish? Man finds mystery €200 million in bank account

AN IRISH man became a multi-millionaire last week—for about two hours.

Kevin Conway, from Wexford, checked his balance on the finance app Revolut on Friday evening and was astounded to see that he had seemingly been gifted €197,000,000 by an anonymous donor.

As reported by RTÉ, Mr Conway uses the Lithuanian-licensed app for small transactions such as travel expenses and usually had just under €200 available.

But when he checked his account the amount had been multiplied 100,000 times over.

The flabbergasted man refreshed the app several times but it continued to show the same amount.

Speaking to RTÉ, the Wexford native said:

“I checked my app and it said I had a balance of €197 million.”

The man knew he couldn’t spend the mystery money but said

“I had a lot of things racing through my head—what do you do with €197 million? Should I got to the Cayman Islands, should I pay off my car?”

Then, a few hours later, it vanished.

“"I didn't know what to do. I was scratching my head. I was €200m richer for two hours there,” he said.

The finance app, Revolut, claimed that the €200 million gift was a temporary bug and that the funds would not have been available had Mr Conway attempted to spend the money—but we’re sure the temptation would have been there.

Back to playing the lottery, then.