Man 'beaten on Dublin bus for asking group of lads to adhere to social distancing'

Man 'beaten on Dublin bus for asking group of lads to adhere to social distancing'

A MAN has claimed he was brutally assaulted in public yesterday for asking a group of people to adhere to social distancing measures on a bus in Dublin.

Keith Broni took to Twitter to describe the attack, which he says left him in danger of losing a tooth after being "kicked in the face" and "decked" after asking the thugs to abide by the measures implemented to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Mr Broni shared a graphic photograph of blood spatters on the floor of the bus alongside a caption claiming he had "lost a tooth by asking some lads to adhere to Dublin Bus's social distancing rules".

"Kicked in the face, and then decked," he wrote, adding that the Gardaí had been notified and he was waiting for an ambulance to take him to hospital for treatment.

Mr Broni was taken to Beaumont Hospital, where he assured people he was "fine" and "in zero pain".

"I'm still in the hospital but have dental appointment tomorrow midafternoon thanks to my incredible family," he wrote, updating his concerned followers.

"Don't want to get hopes up but sounding like we might be able to save the tooth. Here's hoping it stays solidly in its out-of-place place for the next 18 hours."

Describing the moment that led to his assault, Mr Broni said "I didn't go out of [my] way to interject myself on a group on the bus.

"One of the lads parked himself spread eagle at the back between me and another passenger, then began to verbally abuse that other passenger when he passed polite comment.

"I joined in expressing polite disapproval, and was threatened. At first I didn't understand what was said - he was speaking very fast - but after a short back and forth voices got raised and well here we are. They had apparently threatened the bus driver when getting on as well".

"Was it a smart [move] on my part? Clearly not.

"But I didn't want to be a silent onlooker when someone had politely and correctly requested social distance and been berated for it. So I spoke up, and let my pride keep me from backing down as things escalated."

The official Dublin Bus Twitter account contacted Mr Broni and expressed their sorrow that he had been assaulted, asking for more information in order for them to begin a full investigation into the incident.