Man in Meath pulled over driving under a fake licence with car boot full of meat

Man in Meath pulled over driving under a fake licence with car boot full of meat

A MOTORIST in Meath came in for a serious grilling from Gardai after he was caught driving with a suspected fake UK licence and a car boot packed full of meat. 

The beef started over the weekend when a Roads Policing Unit stopped the vehicle. 

According to Dublin Live, the driver was suspected of travelling over 120 miles from Northern Ireland to Trim at the time and was subsequently found to be in possession of what officers believed was a fraudulent UK driver’s licence. 

However, the steaks were raised further when officers opened the back of the car to discover a boot chock full of beef. 

While there was no mis-steak-ing the unusual nature of the car’s contents, all of meat was found to have been purchased legally.  

Officers were left with little option than to have the car seized. 

The meat found in the vehicle’s boot did not go to waste though, with the driver involved able to call a friend who picked up the precious cargo. 

A picture of the extraordinarily meaty discovered was posted on to the official Meath Crime Prevention Facebook, page. 

Gardai said: "This driver was detected driving on his mobile phone and when stopped was found in possession of suspected fraudulent UK license, vehicle was seized under Section 41 Road Traffic Act. 

"Driver was transporting quantity of beef purchased legally which was later collected by a friend after car was seized.  

"He might have to re-think how to store meat safely in the future."