Man who used holidaymaker as 'cash cow' before killing him is found guilty of murder

Man who used holidaymaker as 'cash cow' before killing him is found guilty of murder

A MAN who used a holidaymaker as a 'cash cow' before killing him has been found guilty of murder.

Charles McGhee Adair, 59, was visiting Skegness, Lincolnshire last summer when he befriended homeless man Anthony David Robertson.

The pair spent an evening socialising together, funded by Mr Adair, before Robertson beat his companion to death.

Robertson — who had secretly stolen and sold Mr Adair's phone earlier in the evening — used his victim's bank card several times after killing him.

"Robertson used his victim as a cash-cow and aimed to obtain as much money from him as possible," said DCI Jen Lovatt, from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit.

Random meeting

The court heard that Mr Adair, from Corby in Northamptonshire, had been visiting Skegness between June 30 and July 2 last year for a music festival.

On the final day of the event, Mr Adair was refused entry to the festival before making his way to Skegness town centre.

He randomly met 33-year-old Robertson in the street before the pair spent the evening together socialising, all funded by the victim.

The men attended several bars, houses and shops that evening before they were spotted entering scrubland in the early hours of July 3.

It is here that the prosecution said Robertson — who was seen some time later leaving the area on his own — beat his victim to death.

Mr Adair's body was discovered a few hours later at around 12.25pm.

Charles McGhee Adair was in Skegness for a music festival (Image: via Lincolnshire Police)

A post-mortem examination confirmed Mr Adair had sustained serious head injuries, including extensive fractures and deep lacerations to his face.

Police said Robertson had clearly targeted his victim's head, causing a 'catastrophic injury' in which his skull was cracked.

A pathologist said the injuries had been caused by multiple blunt force traumas.

Robertson, of no fixed address, was identified through CCTV and subsequently charged with murder, robbery and fraud by misrepresentation.

He initially denied any involvement before pleading guilty to manslaughter and fraud at a previous hearing.

However, on Friday, a jury at Lincoln Crown Court found him guilty of murder and robbery.

He is due to be sentenced tomorrow.

'Vicious attack'

DCI Lovatt said Robertson clearly used Mr Adair to fund his night out before killing him.

"Adair was set to leave Skegness later the day he died and would have ended Robertson's cash flow, leading to the attack," she added.

"He clearly set out to exploit Mr McGhee Adair's generosity.

"Our investigation showed that Robertson used his victim's bank card after death.

"Robertson sold the victim's phone without his knowledge during the evening prior to his death.

"This was a vicious attack in which Robertson beat Mr McGhee Adair and left him for dead."

She continued: "Our thoughts are with Mr McGhee Adair's family at this difficult time. He was a much-loved grandad, dad, and friend to many."