Mary Lou McDonald and top Sinn Féin politicians announce they have returned their pay increases

Mary Lou McDonald and top Sinn Féin politicians announce they have returned their pay increases

A NUMBER of Sinn Féin politicians have returned the pay rise awarded to TDs, Ministers and Senators.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald announced on social media that she had returned the latest pay rise awarded to TDs, stating "Now is NOT the time for pay increases for politicians.

"Families and workers are struggling. Today I return the latest pay increase awarded to TDs."

Deputy McDonald shared a photograph showing that she had returned the pay increase-- a total of €976.66-- to the Minister of Finance where it will become part of public money.

Other Sinn Féin politicians followed suit, including Housing Spokesperson Eoin Ó Broin, who wrote: "Today I signed a waiver refusing the latest pay increase for TDs.

"Now is not the time to increase TDs pay. We are already overpaid.

He continued: "With so many people struggling to get [by] on reduced PUP payments the right thing for all TDs and Senators to do is waive their pay."

Senator Lynn Boylan, who is up for election in the Dublin Bay South Bye-Election taking place today, also announced she was returning the €287.10 pay increase for senators, as did TDs Louise O'Reilly, Martin Browne and more.

Some TDs and Senators from other parties are also rejecting the rise, including Fine Gael Junior Minister Peter Burke, who has not taken any pay increase since his appointment to the Dáil and has in fact taken a 10% pay cut, he told Midlands103.

The outlet reports that 6 out of 7 TDs across the Midlands region of Longford, Westmeath, Laois and Offaly are gifting the increases back to the Exchequer.

The pay rises are part of a measure signed off by the Government which would see top civil servants have their pay restored to pre-2008 levels, when the financial crash led to certain public workers have their pay reduced.

The new measures will see pay rises for government and public sector workers who earn between €70,000 to €150,000, and the basic pay for a government TD is now over €100,000.