Mrs Brown divides viewers with 'insulting' Caitlyn Jenner interview

Mrs Brown divides viewers with 'insulting' Caitlyn Jenner interview

BRENDAN O’CARROLL’S line of questioning to Caitlyn Jenner during the latter’s appearance on All Round to Mrs Brown’s sparked mixed reactions online.

It was revealed a few months back that Jenner would be making an appearance on the chat show spin-off of the hit Irish sitcom.

Quizzing the reality TV star under the guise of the character of Mrs Brown, the two traded barbs in an interview that left some feeling uncomfortable.

“I’ve had an amazing double [life],” Caitlyn explained during their chat.

“I’ve been an Olympic decathlon athlete and glamour woman of the year.

“Jealous Agnes?” Caitlyn asked.

The conversation then turned to why Caitlyn decided to transition.

Mrs Brown then asked Caitlyn Jenner why she decided to transition.

“Did you start by dressing up as a woman?” Brendan O’Carroll asked.

Caitlyn fired back: “Would you know anything about that, Agnes?

“I did. When you question your identity it starts at a very young age.

“Caitlyn was always in there.

“I raised all my children then it was time to do something great for myself — I transitioned late in life.”

Yet arguably the most contentious line of questioning came when Mrs Brown then asked Caitlyn if she had female sex organs.

While Jenner noted she had 10 children, Mrs Brown was quick to quip: “Thank God you got rid of it.”

Caitlyn was quick to fire back again though, replying: “I didn’t actually get rid of it, I just retired it.”

While the interview drew praise from some fans for its no-holds-barred approach and Caitlyn’s willingness to play along, others saw it as problematic.

“Why is Brendan O Carroll being so rude to Caitlyn Jenner?” one person on Twitter asked.

“These "jokes" are so low and insulting to not just her but trans women in general. He's giving her such an awful impression of Ireland as a whole. I'm so embarrassed.”

Another said: “I’m not a fan of slamming you guys because everything has its place but just watching #AllRoundToMrsBrowns & you’re really crossing the line with Caitlyn Jenner.

“There’s a time & a place, and putting someone on the spot with “have you got a pussy?” is low.”

A third, meanwhile, wrote: “Caitlyn Jenner is too beautiful and dignified for this seedy show.”

Despite the online furore generated, neither Caitlyn nor Brendan have commented on the criticism aimed at the interview while the BBC has not been drawn on the subject either.