Mrs Brown's Boys star Danny O'Carroll fined €125,000 over undeclared taxes

Mrs Brown's Boys star Danny O'Carroll fined €125,000 over undeclared taxes

MRS Brown's Boys star Danny O'Carroll has been forced to pay over €125,000 to Revenue after failing to declare tax.

O'Carroll, who plays Buster Brady in the BBC sitcom alongside his father Brendan O'Carroll, owed €125,920 in under-declared income tax and non-declared inheritance tax.

In total, the 35-year-old actor was sought for €85,415 in unpaid taxes and was further penalised €14,953 for the infraction.

O'Carroll settled the liabilities in full before being named in Revenue's list of tax defaulters on Tuesday.

In a statement, he said: "I was recently subject to a revenue audit, some issues were identified and the appropriate tax, interest and penalties was immediately paid in full."

Mark Cagney, co-host of Virgin Media TV's flagship Ireland AM programme, was also named on the list.

Ireland AM presenter Mark Cagney, 62, also settled a significant sum (Image: Virgin Media)

The 62-year-old, who has worked in Irish television and radio for more than 20 years, owed Revenue €37,036 – including €25,747 in undeclared tax and €7,724 in penalties.

Cagney said: "I have only one statement to make on the matter. I had a Revenue audit last year in August 2018 and an accounting issue was discovered. As soon as it was brought to my attention I settled it immediately."

Overall, Revenue's list named 73 taxpayers who made settlements totalling €12.7 million in the final quarter of last year.

Some 37 of the cases were for amounts exceeding €100,000, while five exceeded an eye-watering €500,000.

Revenue spokesperson said: "These published settlements reflect only a portion of all Revenue audits and investigation.

"In the three month period to December 31, a total of 1,120 Revenue audit and investigations, together with 22,515 Risk Management Interventions (Aspect Queries & Profile Interviews), were settled, resulting in yield of €132.30 million in tax, interest, and penalties."