Nigel Farage believes Ireland could follow Britain out of the EU with an Irexit

Nigel Farage believes Ireland could follow Britain out of the EU with an Irexit

NIGEL FARAGE believes that Ireland could head towards an Irexit if Britain proves it is better off without the EU after a few years.

The ex-UKIP leader who made an appearance today on the RTÉ Radio 1 show Today with Sean O'Rourke spoke about Britain's EU ambassador resigning yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump and Ireland's potential to go ahead with an Irexit.

When asked by presenter Sean O'Rourke if Ireland should consider leaving the European Union, Farage responded: “If the British Government gets on with Brexit and if, two or three years down the road, we are clearly better off, better off democratically because we’re running our own affairs, better off economically because we’ve reached out to the world, better off in terms of some of our industries.

"I think if we can do that then the pressure in Ireland and public opinion in Ireland will very much move in our direction.”

The former City banker added: “It’s one of the great stories that gets put about that Ireland is this very pro-EU country and yet, twice in the last 16 years, the Irish people in referendums have rejected European treaties.”

Throughout the interview Farage praised recent criticism from the Irish Government about Britain's indecisiveness regarding their exit from the European Union.

Irish Foreign Minister, Charlie Flannagan, recently called for clarity from the British Government on its Brexit plans, stating that the Irish Government had wanted a different outcome to the Brexit result last June in his end of year message last month.

But speaking to RTÉ News today, Minister Flanagan dismissed Farage's thoughts on Irexit, saying: "Ireland is firmly on Team EU in the context of these [Brexit] negotiations."

Farage also warned that if Brexit was not achieved by the next general election, in 2020 there could be an even bigger shock than last year's EU referendum result.

The hardened eurosceptic then went on to praise Donald Trump's first 100 days as the President-elect stating Trump has made "one hell of a start".

You can listen to the interview on the RTÉ Radio 1 show Today with Sean O'Rourke below...