No burglaries reported in Dublin for first time ever due to coronavirus restrictions

No burglaries reported in Dublin for first time ever due to coronavirus restrictions

DUBLIN HAS reported its first day without a burglary since records began.

Coronavirus restrictions which mean most people are not leaving their homes, and those travelling are being regularly stopped by Gardaí, means that the rates of reported burglaries have been dropping steadily since restrictions were brought in over a month ago.

Now The Irish Independent reports that an unprecedented history was made on Friday, 18 April, when not a single burglary was reported in the entire Dublin region for the first time ever.

The Gardaí's six divisions which make up the Garda Dublin Metropolitan Region have been reporting dwindling rates of reported burglaries since the beginning of the pandemic, and Friday's historic record was followed on Sunday by just two reported burglaries-- another record, according to The Irish Independent.

Crime statistics have been steadily dropping across the board due to restrictions implemented to slow the spread of coronavirus, from burglaries to assaults to road traffic offences, but Gardaí have made multiple arrests for new offences under coronavirus legislation.

In one week, 34 people were arrested for breaching social distancing guidelines, with a further 405 incidents that would have resulted in arrests had the Gardaí not managed to diffuse the situation.

The breaches included house parties, unnecessary travel and gatherings beyond the family unit.

Despite the breaches, Gardaí say they are pleased that the majority of people are adhering to the guidelines introduced to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

Speaking at the time, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said "Gardai are engaging with a large amount of people every day and in the vast majority of cases they are complying with the public health guidelines."

"I want to thank the public for this and also the great support they are giving to our members every day.

"Unfortunately, there are people who did not adhere to the guidelines and Gardai had no other option but to use the regulations or other legislation.

"It should be stressed though that this is a tiny proportion of the people we have engaged with over this time.