Peanut butter flavoured whiskey is the sweet alcohol treat you need in your life

Peanut butter flavoured whiskey is the sweet alcohol treat you need in your life

PEANUT BUTTER and whiskey isn't a combo many would have ever imagined would one day come together in one single bottle of silky brown goodness.

But that's all changed with the arrival of Skrewball Peanut Butter Flavour Whiskey, a dram that combines the irresistible taste of the popular spread with the world's best-loved alcoholic spirit.

Brewed out in the US at the OB Noodle House in Ocean Beach, California, Skrewball Peanut Butter Flavour Whiskey has already whipped up quite a storm, Stateside.

"On one side, you have good ol' whiskey - a bold, loud, and strong partner-in-crime who exudes confidence," the official product description on reads.

"On the other, we have peanut butter - a rich, smooth, and irresistible spread that's as dependable as they come for all your late night cravings."

Peanut butter flavoured whiskey is the sweet alcohol treat you need in your life. image:

Few could have ever predicted the two would one day be combined though there was probably a time when the same could be said about peanut butter and jam or jelly, as it's known in the US.

Boasting a solid 35% ABV, Skrewball Peanut Butter Flavour Whiskey is sold in 750 ml bottles for the affordable price of just $24.99 (€28.00) a go.

It's probably worth noting that you might be left waiting a while to get your hands on it, with bottles shipped over from the US.

However, it looks like being well worth the wait if the reviews on are anything to go by.

"Who would have thought about mixing peanut butter and whiskey? Crazy I thought at first then I tried it and feel in love," one verified reviewer wrote on the site.

"Take a walk on the wild side and try this whiskey. You will be very happy to have a new whiskey to enjoy."


"The best peanut butter whiskey ever made!" another confidently declared.

"The crew behind this are genius & stoked they thought outside of the box! It's so delicious & easy to drink! Almost too easy ;) Get Screwed :P."

As sweet a whiskey combination as you are likely to find, the only real warning here comes from the fact the whiskey is so deliciously sweet, you may end up getting a little carried away with how much you put in your glass.

Always drink in moderation and don't be afraid to soak up some of that booze with a jam sandwich or two. They go great with peanut butter and whiskey, after all.