The perfect brew? A limited-edition beer-flavoured tea has just been launched

The perfect brew? A limited-edition beer-flavoured tea has just been launched

A BRAND-new beer-flavoured tea has been launched.

In news that is sure to go down well with fans of pints and cuppas alike, Australian beer company Victoria Bitter has unveiled its distinctive alcohol-free creation.

A potent combination of Ceylon black tea leaves and VB’s own “Super Pride Hops,” the new tea is said to taste exactly like a warm pint but goes down surprisingly well, all things considered.

The perfect brew for anyone nursing a sore head, beer-flavoured tea could be the ideal way to help ease you off the boozy stuff and back to reality.

Alternatively, drinking a cup of tea that tastes exactly like the tipples you were enjoying a little too much the previous night could prove a recipe for disaster.

At the very least, a few cups of the brown stuff will help hydrate, so it’s not entirely like supping back on some warm old beer.

A frothy and surprisingly appealing combination, this beer-flavoured tea has been made with marketing in mind.

Specifically, VB have crafted the new brew to coincide with ths summer’s Ashes cricket test series.

With tensions running high between England and Australia ahead of the crunch encounter, it’s nice to see VB building bridges with a product that celebrates the two countries’ best loved drinks.

Sold in appropriately designed boxes of 24, the good news is that you can drink as many cups of this tea as you want.

The tea has already proven a hit down under, with VB selling out its initial supply in a matter of hours - though more is expected to follow.

Just to reiterate: You won’t get drunk though chances are you may find yourself requiring quite a few bathroom breaks in the hours that follow.