Pet dog rescued by Coast Guard after falling from cliff edge in Donegal

Pet dog rescued by Coast Guard after falling from cliff edge in Donegal

A PET dog had a lucky escape after it fell from a cliff edge in County Donegal.

The pup was taking a stroll with its owner by the cliffs near Portnoo, Donegal when it took a tumble off the edge of the cliff face, leaving its owner highly distressed.

The Killybegs Coast Guard were alerted to the incident by the Malin Head Coast Guard at around 1.30pm on Monday, and immediately set off to assess the situation.

The rescue service had been concerned for the dog's owner, but once at the scene found him to be safe, though concerned for his pet.

The Coast Guard was then tasked with rescuing the hapless dog, who had thankfully landed safely at the shoreline below the cliff-face and was not in any immediate danger.

Rescuers from the Killybegs Coastguard arrived at the scene to find the owner was not in any danger, and set out to rescue the dog who had fallen over the edge of the cliff (Image: Killybegs Coast Guard)

Setting up the Coast Guard's climbing system, rescuers from Killybegs were able to reach the dog, bring it to safety and return it to the worried owner.

The local rescue service shared the story on their official Facebook page, alongside an image depicting the daring rescue, and confirmed that both the dog and its owner were now safe and well.

Talk about a 'ruff' day-- but all's well that ends well, thanks to the 'pawsome' Coast Guard!