Piers Morgan loses his cool with 'PC cops' during debate about rugby genital-grabbing incident

Piers Morgan loses his cool with 'PC cops' during debate about rugby genital-grabbing incident

PIERS MORGAN couldn't help but blow a gasket at the fabled 'PC brigade' during a debate surrounding a genital-grabbing incident in England's Six Nations match against Wales over the weekend.

Morgan came to the staunch defence of England prop Joe Marler, who was spotted grabbing the genitals of Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones during an altercation at Twickenham on Saturday.

The Good Morning Britain host took issue with the idea that anybody should be offended by the incident, and got particularly riled up at the suggestion that Marler should be punished.

"I thought the whole thing was funny," Morgan insisted. "Because I remember Vinnie Jones doing this to Paul Gascoigne. And for thirty years since that picture we've all laughed about it and all said 'what fun'."

Piers Morgan loses his cool

When co-host Susanna Reid questioned his logic, Morgan responded in an explosion of sarcasm.

"Awww, was it not funny? Awww was it a little bit inappropriate? Should Vinnie have been arrested for assault?"

Morgan then cited Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas' reaction to the incident to back up his claim that it was just harmless fun.

"Gareth Thomas, who famously came out as gay, he was actually on the punditry team when this was discussed afterwards, and he said 'I'm actually really upset about it because if I'd known this was happening, I'd never have retired', right - funny. Gay rugby player saying this is funny," Morgan added.

"He immediately, of course, got hounded by the PC brigade: 'How dare you make light of such a serious assault?' And so he's now had to apologise for finding that funny.

"The world's gone nuts."

During a press conference after the game, Wales skipper Jones said he wanted World Rugby to look into the matter, which prompted another sarcasm explosion from Morgan.

"Do you think he [Jones] genuinely found that traumatic, when Joe Marler gave him a little tickle?" He asked Susanna.

Marler on the other hand made his feelings quite clear in light of calls for the incident to be investigated with the following tweet: