Poll shows that majority of Irish people do not sympathise with Meghan and Harry following Oprah interview

Poll shows that majority of Irish people do not sympathise with Meghan and Harry following Oprah interview

THE MAJORITY of Irish viewers were unsympathetic towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired last week.

During the chat, which took place in the tranquil gardens of Harry and Meghan's €14 million Californian home, the couple claimed that they'd been cut off financially by Prince Charles, that they'd be silenced by the rest of the family, and that life had been, well, "incredibly tough" for them recently.

I'm sure the rest of us surviving through a pandemic without the luxury of a secluded hill-side mansion to retreat to can sympathise. Only, the majority of us don't.

A poll conducted by extra.ie demonstrated that 51% of Irish people voted 'No' when asked if they felt sorry for the couple.

Meanwhile, 32% voted 'Yes', while 17% were undecided.

When you consider that love for the British Royal Family isn't exactly commonplace here in Ireland, those figures paint a fairly stark picture for the 'rebel' couple.

Despite the fact that Ms Markle claimed that a racist comment had been made about her unborn baby, and that the Palace had refused to help her out when she was having "suicidal thoughts", Ireland isn't feeling sorry for her, or her husband.

Last week, Prince William was forced to tell a reporter he and his kin were "very much not a racist family," and many criticised the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for dropping an accusation of racism without specifically naming who the guilty party was.

Piers Morgan was among those who called the act out for cowardice, arguing that it tarnished the image of the Royal Family and unfairly painted them all as racists, despite the claim remaining thus far unproven.

He also slammed the couple for allowing the interview to air while the Queen's husband Prince Phillip was recovering from heart surgery in hospital.

Morgan also said he "didn't believe a word" that came out of Ms Markle's mouth, a comment that ultimately contributed to his eventually resignation from his role at ITV's Good Morning Britain.

It's understood that Markle herself contacted ITV to complain about Morgan's, who was subsequently told to apologise. He refused, and quit instead.

But if the poll is anything to go by, it appears Morgan is far from being the only Sussex sceptic around here.