Postman Pat and Rosie And Jim creator John Cunliffe has died aged 85

Postman Pat and Rosie And Jim creator John Cunliffe has died aged 85

JOHN CUNLIFFE, the creator of treasured kids' TV classics like Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim has died, aged 85.

Cunliffe passed away on September 20th in West Yorkshire, with his death confirmed in heartfelt obituary published in the Ilkley Gazette.

"CUNLIFFE John left his Ilkley home in a deluge of rain on Thursday, September 20, never to return," it reads.

"Even the skies wept for John the gifted creator of Postman Pat, Rosie and Jim and author of many earlier published collections of poetry and picture story books for children.

"John's last poetry collection, significantly entitled 'Dare You Go' has now come to fruition for John has dared to go and he has gone."


Previously a librarian and teacher, Cunliffe was inspired to create Postman Pat while living in Kendal, Westmorland in the Lake District.

The small towns and picturesque villages of the region directly inspired the tales of Pat Clifton, a friendly country postman, his black and white cat Jess, and their gentle adventures delivering mail through the valley of the fictional town of Greendale.

First broadcast back on September 16th, 1981, the stop-motion animated series has remained a firm family favourite ever since with eight series and 196 episodes broadcast to date.



Though he also worked on the Magic Roundabout, The Wombles, Paddington Bear, and The Herbs. Cunliffe's other most notable success came with Rosie and Jim.


First broadcast on September 3rd, 1990, the series centred on the titular pair of loveable rag dolls who lived on a barge together.


Cunliffe even appeared alongside the two dolls for the first 50 episodes of the show's decade-long run.

A prolific children's writer in his later years, he leaves behind a legacy that will ensure while he is gone, John Cunliffe's contributions will never be forgotten.