‘We are on the precipice’ - Pierce Brosnan slams President Trump’s ‘shameful’ environmental policy

‘We are on the precipice’ - Pierce Brosnan slams President Trump’s ‘shameful’ environmental policy

PIERCE BROSNAN has launched a stinging attack on President Trump and the approach he has taken to environmental concerns.

The Drogheda-born actor is a passionate environmentalist and vehement opponent to nuclear testing as well as an avid campaigner on issues like animal welfare and the protection of natural resources.

He previously worked closely with his wife Keely Shaye Brosnan on the documentary Poisoning Paradise in 2016, which garnered widespread praise for shining a light on the alarming level of pesticide poisoning taking p-lace in Hawaii.

Speaking to France 24’s Eve Jackson at the Deauville American Film Festival this week, Brosnan sent out a warning over the future of the planet.

“We are on the precipice, over the precipice,” he told Jackson.

“The Earth is definitely haemorrhaging: the oil, the burning of the forests. It’s upon us and world leaders don’t seem to want to try and come together.”

He singled out the US President for particular condemnation.

“President Trump, what he’s done for the environmental movement is shameful.”

The remarks came as part of a wide-ranging interview in which the James Bond icon express his concerns over Brexit and the future of the United Kingdom, America and Ireland.

“I’m very saddened by what is happening with Brexit overall. I think it’s going to be a bumpy ride - It already is a bumpy ride,” he said.

“All of these men, Boris and all these other world leaders getting away with what they are getting away with is very concerning in America and also in Britain. I hope for the best. It shouldn’t have come to this.”

The comments come just a few days after Brosnan courted controversy in some circles after suggesting the next actor to play 007 should be a woman.