A real-life miracle? Hikers claim to have met Jesus walking in the mountains

A real-life miracle? Hikers claim to have met Jesus walking in the mountains

IMAGINE MEETING Jesus during a day out with friends and discovering that, not only does the Messiah walk among us, he's an extremely generous bloke to boot.

That's the scenario that friends Allisa Miller, Kassi Sanchez, and Jen Vickman encountered while walking on Dreamy Draw Mountain in Arizona.

According to a report from CBS 5 [via the Daily Star], the Son of God or, at the very least, "a man with long hair wearing a robe" appeared to the three friends on the rocky terrain.

But when they moved closer to the man to try and establish contact, he disappeared, leaving behind a note signed simply "J".

It was then that the true "miracle" occurred.

Inside the note, they found a passage from the Bible alongside $300 in cash.

The note described how the man had come to the mountain range to "give our Heavenly Father all the glory" while the $300 was presented in three $100 bills.

Asked by CBS 5 whether they felt the encounter was a mystery or a miracle, the three friends opted for the latter, claiming God led them to the spot.


Jesus, the son of God.


The women are now planning on putting the money to good use - they intend to bless someone else using the funds.

It's not the first time someone has claimed to have enjoyed a mysterious encounter with the Son of God.

A few months back, a man known only as Charles detailed a near-death experience which he claims brought him face-to-face with Jesus Christ.

"I saw Jesus riding the prettiest white horse I have ever seen," he revealed.

"We got closer and HE looked over at us, held out HIS left hand, and said 'It is not your time'."

Are these sightings real, a hoax or something sinister? Maybe it's just like the old saying goes and The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways.