Ryanair pilot’s rousing speech to Irish football fans

Ryanair pilot’s rousing speech to Irish football fans

WE may be out of the Euros but some memories will keep us smiling for a long time to come.

Irish fans making their way to Lyon for the knockout game against France got a special treat.

Ryanair pilot Greg Browne came into the cabin and greeted the planeload of fans before take-off.

In a video posted to Twitter by 2FM DJ Declan Pierce the pilot can be seen asking the fans on board to enjoy themselves and have a lot of craic.

He then went on to introduce all his cabin crew as Gary Breen – taking inspiration from a favourite Irish fans’ song about dreaming of a team of Gary Breens.

After telling his passengers that Ryanair has a very strict uniform policy and they’re not allowed to wear their own clothes, he said: “But today, I think because of the occasion, I’m going to put that out the window and I’m going to wear my very own jersey while I’m flying the plane.”

At one point the Ryanair captain even said he would turn the plane around if he felt the crowd wasn’t singing loud enough.

Watch the full video below…