Ryanair plane forced to abandon landing because of UFO

Ryanair plane forced to abandon landing because of UFO

A RYANAIR plane travelling from Ireland to Britain was forced to abandon its landing – after a UFO was spotted in the sky.

Ryanair flight FR448 left Dublin yesterday evening and was due to land in Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport when the unidentified flying object was spotted by the control tower.

The Boeing 737 was told to do a go-around instead of landing – and the plane later landed safely at 10.47pm.

While the UFO caused puzzlement at the time, it is now believed it may have been a drone.

The Liverpool Echo reports that passengers admitted the captain of the plane said that the UFO may have been a drone, a small unmanned aerial vehicle – but so far, there is no definite explanation for what was in the sky.

The go-around is a standard safety procedure in aviation if there is reason to suspect that a landing is not safe.

As well as the aircraft’s radar technology, visual checks are carried out at the watch towers of all airports.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport was unavailable for comment on last night’s strange activity.