Scientists discover drug that could cure baldness 'within days'

Scientists discover drug that could cure baldness 'within days'

BALDNESS IS an age-old problem that affects around half of all men but scientists may finally have a cure that takes effect within a matter of days.

Researchers at Manchester University made the breakthrough after discovering that a drug created to treat brittle bones had a positive effect on hair follicles.

WAY-316606 was originally developed to treat Osteoperosis, but lab tests revealed that use of the drug also resulted in a significant increase in human hair growth.

The compound works as an inhibitor, preventing a naturally occurring protein from working. This protein has previously been linked to male pattern balding.

More significantly still, hair  began to grow within two days on the scalp hair follicles tested as part of the research.

There are currently three options for treating baldness, the drugs minoxidil and finasteride or a hair transplant.

However, Finasteride only works for men and along with Minoxidil comes with side effects, doesn't always work and is not currently available through a doctor.

Unlike similar drugs, WAY-316606 comes without any nasty side effects, making it more suitable to treat baldness.

The next step will be to conduct clinical trials on men to see how successful the drug is across a wider test group.

If the results prove positive then a cure for baldness could be available very soon.