Signing of Public Interest Immunity cert for Noah Donohoe case criticised by Sinn Féin MLA

Signing of Public Interest Immunity cert for Noah Donohoe case criticised by Sinn Féin MLA

A SINN Féin MLA has described the signing of a Public Interest Immunity (PII) certificate by the new Northern Ireland Secretary into the Noah Donohoe case as "deeply concerning".

The certificate would cover what the PSNI described as a "limited amount" of material in three police evidence folders, preventing certain information being disclosed to the inquest not Noah's death.

Noah’s naked body was found in a Belfast storm drain, six days after being reported missing in June 2020.

The North Belfast MLA also called on the PSNI to withdraw the application for the PII to give "truth and transparency" to the Donohoe family.

“One of the first actions of the new British Secretary of State, who has only been office for a number of weeks is signing off an application for the PSNI to conceal information related to the Noah Donohoe case," Kelly said.

“This is deeply concerning and I am again calling on the PSNI to withdraw this application, because the Donohoe family deserve answers, not secrecy and cover up.

"Public Interest Immunity certificates (PII) are used to conceal information. They were and are extensively used to hold back information in conflict legacy cases."

He said the inquest about is about the death of a 14-year-old child, and is "not conflict related."

“We will continue to stand with the Donohoe family in their campaign for truth, transparency and accountability," he finished.

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane similarly said the granting of the PII "is deeply concerning & shameful."

A spokesperson for the Northern Ireland Office said the Secretary of State carefully considered the application having been fully briefed by officials but added that they “do not comment on ongoing coronial proceedings."
Noah's mother Fiona has tweeted to question how a decision could be made in such a short time when the secretary Shailesh Vara was only appointed to the role in early July.
"That you signed off on holding back information from us the public is not a good footing to start your term on," she said.
The inquest is scheduled to begin on 28 November.