Simon Coveney criticised by Irish fans for wishing England luck against Denmark at Euro 2020

Simon Coveney criticised by Irish fans for wishing England luck against Denmark at Euro 2020

SIMON COVENEY has come in for criticism from Irish football fans after wishing England luck ahead of their Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Denmark.

The Irish Foreign Minister drew flack on social media after tweeting a message of support for the Three Lions prior to their crucial clash with the Danes.

To rub further salt in the wounds, Coveney also used his tweet to describe England as the “best team in tournament so far.”

The Irish minister tweeted: "Good luck to England tonight. Best team in tournament so far, we wish our neighbours well!!"

His tweet was also accompanied by several England and Ireland flag emojis.

Coveney’s message of support drew a mixed reaction among his Irish followers, many of whom were keen to remind him of the age-old sporting rivalry between the two nations.

Others felt he should be backing their fellow EU member state Denmark.

The responses made for interesting reading.

What? The whole country is cheering on Denmark. Read the room Simon, read the room,” one wrote.

“I think that it would be better for Ireland to support our allies,” another said.

“That would be Denmark, in case you're confused.”

A third added: “Best team in the tournament so far? Can't agree with that. Italy have been the best side, and the Danes have been growing in strength. Spain were getting stronger too. England, other than their match against Ukraine, have been fairly ordinary.”

A fourth lamented: “This tweet alone shows just how far removed politicians are from the majority of the people they are handsomely paid too serve.”

Meanwhile a fifth warned: “I don’t think anyone in England cares about your well wishes right now Simon.”

Coveney will have another chance to lend his support to England this Sunday after they defeated Denmark 2-1 after extra time.

The Three Lions face Italy at Wembley and there are plenty of reasons for Irish fans to be cheering them on - after all, six of the squad could have Irish roots.