Sinead O'Connor insists she was 'born a muslim' before swearing on live TV

Sinead O'Connor insists she was 'born a muslim' before swearing on live TV

SINEAD O'CONNOR has claimed that she has always been a muslim and that her famous 'conversion' to Islam in 2018 was in fact a 'reversion'.

When asked about her conversion during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Monday, Sinead told host Susanna Reid: "In Islam you don't call it conversion, you call it reversion. The idea is that you were born Muslim in the first place."

O'Connor said that she went through a stage of studying a number of religions, and admitted that prior to her reversion, she had "a huge amount of prejudice" about the Islamic faith.

"I've been a theologian all my life, studying theology, but I never thought that I would join any particular religion," said the 52-year-old.

"I studied all the different religions, and I left Islam 'till last because I had such a huge amount of prejudice about it actually, but as soon as I read chapter two I was like: 'Oh my God, I've been a Muslim all my life I didn't even realise it."

She went on to explain that The Quran (the holy text of the Islamic faith) argues that all previous scripture used in other major religions has been tampered with, and goes on to confirm what the 'actual' stories are - something which O'Connor claims she's "always believed".

Before her interview, the Irish singer performed her famous hit Nothing Compares 2 U, and told Reid, as well as Piers Morgan and Charlotte Hawkins that to her, the ballad is actually about her mother, rather than about a relationship or former partner as most people presume.

"I always think of my mother when I sing it," she said.

"People have all kind of associations with the song; people broke up, people got married, someone died, someone was born, whatever. For me it's about my mother.

"My mother died when I was very young, in a car crash when I was about 18, so I always get to spend time with my mother when I sing that song."

Sinead then said she would never think of former lovers while performing the song - telling a gobsmacked Piers she and her friends used to joke: "Nothing compares to you, you b*****d".

Morgan was then forced to issue an apology for the profanity.

"Of course we apologise for Sinead's language, " Piers said.

"It's breakfast TV Sinead, we're very very civilised on this show."

Sinead said: "It's just a word."