Sinn Fein urge parties that are 'serious about change' not to prop up FF/FG government

Sinn Fein urge parties that are 'serious about change' not to prop up FF/FG government

SINN FEIN has urged other parties that are genuinely interested in changing the country not to join a coalition government with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

On Tuesday, Leo Varadkar and Micheal Martin moved a step closer to forming a coalition after agreeing the framework for Government.

The policy priorities of the two parties were reportedly outlined and agreed upon, but following February's election, even the two parties' seats combined isn't enough to secure a majority government.

To do so they need to be propped up by another party, or failing that, a number of Independent TDs.

Sinn Fein's housing spokesperson Eoin O'Broin has urged other parties to not be tempted by the prospect of government so easily and stressed that they think long and hard before agreeing to any deal.


"I don't think anybody really believes that Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, who spent the last four years creating a housing and health crisis, are now the right people to try and fix it," he said.

"And I would urge anybody who is serious about change to walk with those of us who are committed to the type of change the country really needs."

The parliamentary parties of FF and FG are to be briefed on an agreement to enter government today.

The contents will then be shared with any potential third parties who wish to prop up the grand coalition, such as The Green Party, Labour and the Social Democrats.