Snow joke: Best memes as Irish humour faced down the Beast from the East

Snow joke: Best memes as Irish humour faced down the Beast from the East

AS the Beast from the East has battered Ireland over the past few days, people have responded with one of the best weapons in their arsenal – that famous Irish sense of humour.*

Amid warnings akin to the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, some people have taken a more chilled out view of the adverse weather.

Whether it’s taking the mick out of panic-buying bread hoarders or having a snowball fight with gardaí, the temperature might have been below zero but the craic was 90.

Here’s the best Irish memes from the past few days as Ireland faced the Beast from the East.

*Warning: Please don’t go out into Storm Emma armed with nothing but a funny meme about a sledding dog

Bread shortages forced people into drastic action

It's precious stuff at the moment

SOS (Send Over Soda Bread)

When snow brings out your inner capitalist

At least he stayed on the right side of the law

Ah here now, it's getting serious

That's just low


MADNESS: Went out to feed the birds and this happened...🍞

Posted by GAA Craic on Friday, March 2, 2018


The snow has brought a new line of sports

Bathtub sledding anyone?

It’s the transport of choice at the moment

Some prefer something a bit more traditional

Mass snowball fight

Even the gardaí are up for a bit of the action

The guards were looking for two lads around our apartment block and when they finally found them they started a snowball fight! only in Ireland!! #thebeastfromtheeast #stormemma

Posted by Stephanie Spitere on Thursday, March 1, 2018


Alas, no one is safe

Some people acted like nothing was happening

Never trust a snowman though

Not that the dog would do anything

That’s not a bad price for Dublin

Stock up folks