Did you spot all three of our April Fool’s pranks?

Did you spot all three of our April Fool’s pranks?

WITH Easter Sunday falling on April 1, we went all out for April Fool’s Day this year.

Most people called our bluff on two of our pranks, but a lot fell for the third, so congratulations if you spotted all three.

AS you probably guessed, Chinese scientists aren’t developing a chocolate-flavoured potato and Ireland won’t be replacing England at the World Cup in Russia.

However our video about a Guinness-filled chocolate Easter egg had many people asking to know where they could get a hold of them.

The video on our Facebook page drew over 1,500 comments and was shared over 4,000 times.

Others who fell for the joke were turned off by the idea of combining Guinness and chocolate.

However many thought it was the perfect Easter gift and were hoping they’d be opening one this Easter Sunday.

Sadly (or not) the Guinness-filled eggs won’t be hitting shelves any time soon.

However well done if you spotted all three of our April Fool’s pranks.

Happy Easter!