Joe Biden fast-food outlets and Tayto scented candles — the best Irish April Fool's jokes of 2023

Joe Biden fast-food outlets and Tayto scented candles — the best Irish April Fool's jokes of 2023

FROM fast-food outlets named after US President Joe Biden to Tayto crisp scented candles, Irish firms got into the spirit of April Fool's Day 2023.

April 1 is traditionally a day for practical jokes and organisations and celebrities have increasingly joined in with the festivities on social media.

The Irish are no different and this year once again showcased the Irish sense of humour with a series of hoaxes.

Here, we look at some of the best pranks from 2023…

Irish fast-food firm Supermac's, which also operates the Papa John's pizza franchise in Ireland, drew inspiration from President Biden's imminent visit to the country.

The firm said that to honour the occasion, it would be renaming all of its motorway Plaza outlets after the President.

"We are excited to announce we will be renaming all our Plaza outlets, which will now be known as The Biden Plazas going forward!" they posted on Facebook.

Fast-food rival Burger King also got in on the action.

Taking to Twitter, Burger King Ireland claimed it had launched a Whopper Warmer, complete with thermostat, so fans can keep their trademark burger warm.

Some pranks hinted at firms diversifying their brands.

Famous Irish crisp brand Tayto claimed it had launched a range of home scents inspired by their crisp flavours.

Fragrances purportedly on offer included Cheese and Onion, Prawn Cocktail and Smokey Bacon versions.

Meanwhile, the Irish Mirror newspaper attempted to dupe readers into believing a ready-made version of an Irish medicinal staple would soon be available on shelves.

Flat 7up has long been renowned for its miraculous healing qualities in Ireland, and the paper claimed the drink's makers were preparing to launch a 'pre-flattened' variety.

"We're delighted to now offer the same great taste, without the fizz, or the fuss!" read an alleged quote from a spokesperson.

Aldi Ireland, meanwhile, claimed it was tapping into the video game market with a heart-stopping, action-packed new title inspired by first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Check Out Duty: Modern Shopping was a limited edition, one-day only offering, claimed the firm.

Gamers are sure to be devastated to find that it was, of course, a hoax.

In a fresh twist on huge commercial organisations dominating April Fool's, Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick also appeared to perform an unlikely volte face.

The artist created the iconic Portrait of Che Guevara, from which he removed the copyright so it could be used freely by left-wing organisations.

Referring to his work depicting the famed Marxist revolutionary, Fitzpatrick claimed on Twitter that he had accepted a $2m offer from Budweiser to allow the image to be used in an advertising campaign.

He joked: "All the money will [go] to a good cause. Me."

Lastly, TV stars Ant and Dec claimed they were preparing for a return to the big screen, having previously appeared in the 2006 film, Alien Autopsy.

The pair, who traced their Irish roots for 2019 ITV documentary DNA Journey, said they were in talks to join an iconic British movie franchise.

"Ant and Dec have confirmed they are in talks* to join the cast of the next instalment in the James Bond franchise," claimed a Twitter post.

However, the small print on their press release revealed the talks were actually with each other.

Sadly for fans of the duo, A and D will not be the new sidekicks to gadget expert, Q,

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