A 'supermoon' will hit British and Irish skies tonight

A 'supermoon' will hit British and Irish skies tonight

A SUPERMOON is set to hit skies in the United Kingdom and Ireland this evening - so keep your eyes peeled.

Supermoons occur when a full moon is closest to Earth.

The one that will occur today will be 7 percent larger and 15 percent brighter and the exact moment of the full moon is reported to appear at 3.47pm.

At midnight tonight, the moon will appear at its brightest it is believed.

Robert Massey of the British Royal Astronomical Society said the Supermoon is a rare occurrence:"It’s a nice enough phenomenon. It’s always nice for people to go out and look at it.

"You won’t necessarily think that it’s huge. It will appear a bit bigger than usual, but don’t expect it to look five times bigger."

The moon’s orbit is oval-shaped which means it is sometimes closer to earth and other times further away.

Supermoon isn’t a scientific name – that would be perigee-syzygy – but it makes for a great hashtag and does what it says on the tin.

For those wishing to clap eyes on the phenomenon, it's advised that rural areas with little light pollution make for the best spots to view the moon rise – cloud cover permitting.

Failing that, the higher up you are, the better.

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