Teenager hospitalised with serious injuries after Belfast park assault

Teenager hospitalised with serious injuries after Belfast park assault

A TEENAGER has been hospitalised with serious injuries after he was assaulted by a group of young males at a Belfast park.

Further altercations broke out following the incident, which occurred shortly before 9.20pm on Saturday in Falls Park in the west of the city.

Police said the 15-year-old male who was assaulted was knocked unconscious during the incident.

"Police responded to the ongoing incident within a minute, and the young man was taken to hospital for injuries that are described as serious," said Inspector Róisín Brown.

"Whilst officers administered first aid, other altercations between the large group of young people broke out so further policing resources were deployed into the park and the young people eventually dispersed from the area.

"Police are very aware of the ongoing issues in Falls Park and are committed to finding solutions for the whole community.

"We want young people to gather and enjoy the park responsibly, however this type of violence is unacceptable.

"Local residents also have the right to feel safe where they live.

"Those who engage in anti-social behaviour and other forms of criminality are only hurting their own communities, and unfortunately sometimes themselves.

"I appeal to parents and guardians again to know where your young people are."

She added: "We would also ask parents and guardians to speak to their young people and to know where they are to prevent them from engaging in behaviour which could result in injury or a criminal record."