The Irish newspaper archives - the gateway to Ireland’s rich historical past

The Irish newspaper archives - the gateway to Ireland’s rich historical past

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THE Irish Newspaper Archives resource hosts the oldest and largest online database of Irish newspapers in the world.

Explore a national database of regional, daily and out of print newspapers spanning 300 years of Irish history right up to current day.

Through our word searchable and date range indexed portal you can trace your Irish heritage and lost relations through the largest database of Irish births, deaths and marriages in the world and unlock a treasure of information from newspapers from nearly every county in Ireland.

Through our regional newspaper database you will find local stories concerning local people which may hold the key to your search for your long lost ancestors.

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John Grenham of The Irish Times said: “Newspaper death announcements, a staple of every Irish funeral since the 1940s, which often have long lists of grieving relatives.

"The richest sources are The Irish Independent and The Irish Press, both online at”

Take a walk back in time to revisit some of Ireland’s most harrowing and greatest historical moments with editorial print from the time of the Great Famine, The Young Irelander Rebellion, Easter Rising, Irish Civil War and read all about the Birth of the Republic.

The Irish Newspaper Archives gateway offers access to over nine million pages of Irish periodical content contained in over 69 titles.

Delve into our archives to read events from North and South of the border, get access to not only archival information but also keep up to date with our full colour current digital newspaper archive.

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