Theresa May 'to resign as UK Prime Minister TONIGHT' after Brexit backfire – reports

Theresa May 'to resign as UK Prime Minister TONIGHT' after Brexit backfire – reports

THERESA MAY is set to resign as Prime Minister as soon as tonight, according to reports from the UK.

The British PM's future is hanging by a thread after it emerged members of her own Cabinet are preparing to oust her following a failed bid to force through her Brexit deal by offering a second referendum this week.

Mrs May's 10-point compromise plan – her fourth attempt at passing a Withdrawal Agreement to leave the EU – was savaged by Conservative and Labour MP's alike even before her sorry appearance at PMQs in the House of Commons today.

Sky News political editor Beth Rigby tweeted this afternoon: "Even a loyal cabinet source tells me now that May will be gone v soon. 'It’s all about the choreography and timeline now'. Rumours that it may happen tonight."

In a later tweet, the journalist added: "Told the 1922 exec meet pit back to 5.30pm Chief whip coming to speak to us. Source reckons announcement coming."

Her claims have been echoed by Sky News chief political correspondent Jon Craig, who wrote: "Very senior MP tells me the word from the Cabinet corridor in the HoC is that the PM will resign tonight, Andrea Leadsom is poised to resign to launch a leadership bid, others may also resign & David Lidington will take over as acting PM. Unconfirmed!"

He added: "Same very senior MP tells me Cabinet plotters are determined to keep Boris Johnson off the ballot paper of two candidates offered to the Tory membership. Talk of offering the members one man & one woman candidate."

ITV political correspondent Paul Brand said Cabinent members were mounting a challenge to oust Mrs May as David Mundell, Secretary of State for Scotland, called a meeting with the Tory leader to discuss her future.

He tweeted: "Rumours – not yet confirmed, but equally not being denied – of a move against PM by cabinet today. Source says 'it’s looking likely'. Stand by your Twitter feed.

"David Mundell has asked for an urgent meeting with the PM this afternoon following her statement to MPs. He is not acting in coordination with other cabinet ministers but the expectation is that this is going to be a conversation about her future.

"The Scottish Secretary – bar a spat over Scottish fishing rights – has been one of the most loyal defenders of the PM’s deal. It would make sense if he was the one to break the news gently that it is time for her to go, much like Ken Clarke did with Margaret Thatcher."

Home Secretary Sajid Javid is also said to have requested an immediate meeting with Mrs May.

The Daily Mail political editor Jason Groves wrote: "Rumours – unconfirmed, but also not denied – that the PM is planning a statement from Downing Street tonight."

He later clarified: "UPDATE: Govt source: 'No statement tonight'."

David Jones, the former Brexit minister, told the Telegraph: "I have been an MP for 14 years and I have never seen such anger among colleagues.

"She is desperate, she is deluded and she is doomed."

And a Cabinet minister told Sunday Times political editor Tim Ship: "Things could move fast now."