Tipperary woman convicted of animal cruelty after dog 'abandoned and forgotten about'

Tipperary woman convicted of animal cruelty after dog 'abandoned and forgotten about'

A WOMAN from Tipperary has been convicted of four counts of animal cruelty under the Animal Health and Welfare Act after a dog in her care was left 'abandoned, frightened and forgotten about'.

At Nenagh District Court on December 9, the woman was fined a total of €400 and ordered to pay €750 in court costs and €196.22 in ISPCA costs.

Speaking about the case this week, ISPCA Animal Welfare Inspector Emma Carroll said: "I was extremely shocked and saddened to see the living conditions Penny was subjected to — abandoned, frightened and forgotten about."

Didn't notice dog seized

Inspector Carroll first attended the property on November 13, 2019, where she discovered the matted and dishevelled dog in the back garden, which was filled with rubbish, faeces and urine-soaked bedding.

Inspector Carroll left a notice for the owner to make urgent contact and sealed the property.

Upon her return 24 hours later, the property remained sealed, so the dog was seized and brought for a veterinary examination.

The back garden where the dog was found (Image: ISPCA)

The young dog, named Penny, was found to be severely matted and had saliva staining, while antibiotics were administered to treat a cough.

The defendant contacted Inspector Carroll on November 18 claiming she had been ill and that neighbours were to feed the dog, but conceded that no official arrangement was made.

When asked why she did not respond to the notice until November 18, the woman said she did not notice the dog had been seized until Saturday, November 16.

Penny received a badly-needed groom after being found severely matted (Image: ISPCA)

She also alleged that her estranged husband was responsible for the cleanliness of the garden, before surrendering Penny to the care of the ISPCA.


"Thankfully a kind-hearted animal lover alerted us to her plight allowing us to save her from further neglect and suffering," added ISPCA Inspector Carroll.

"Penny has since been responsibly re-homed to a loving family where she is now living her best lapdog life and is loved and treasured.”

Animal welfare concerns can be reported by contacting the National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 0818 515 515 or by emailing [email protected].