Twitter suspends suspicious-looking account sharing Donald Trump material

Twitter suspends suspicious-looking account sharing Donald Trump material

TWITTER has suspended an account which has been sharing and tweeting soley Donald Trump material, and looked ... a little familiar.

The account claimed to be tweeting 'on behalf' of the former president - who was banned from the social media platform back in January following the Capitol riots in Washington DC.

Whether the person behind this account was indeed tweeting on behalf of Mr Trump or whether it was actually Trump himself remains to be seen, but Twitter have stepped in to shut it down.

A spokesperson for the company said the account, @DJTDesk, violated their 'ban evasion policy' because it was sharing content "affiliated with a suspended account."

The account was only live for a matter of hours, and the fact that Twitter were so quick to suspend it, while dozens of similar-looking accounts sharing Trump content are still active, suggests that it may have genuinely been The Donald.

The name of the account offers a clue into the holder's identity. 'DJT' are of course Trump's initials, and 'Desk' could be a reference to the former president's newly launched website 'From the Desk of Donald Trump'.

In any case, Twitter insists that it doesn't allow anyone to 'circumvent' a ban. While accounts are supposedly still free to share Trump content, no one is allowed to tweet 'on his behalf', nor is Trump allowed to set up an account under a different name - obviously.

In the wake of the Capitol riots, Trump was booted off every major social media platform, including the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, as well as Twitter.

Earlier this week, Facebook upheld their ban on Trump's account, but the decision will ultimately be reviewed within the next six months to determine whether the ban will be made permanent or not.