Two homesick Irish expats living in Canada build mobile Irish pub on wheels

Two homesick Irish expats living in Canada build mobile Irish pub on wheels

A PAIR of Irish expats over in Canada have come up with the perfect cure for the homesick blues: their very own mobile Irish pub. 

The Wild Rover is the result of two years' worth of blood, sweat and tears from Danny Hamilton and Warren Crolly, an inventive pair of Irishmen who came up with the idea over a few drinks one night. 

Eager to rekindle memories of many a night spent in their local pub back home, the guys set about building their very own ode to that most distinctive of Irish institutions. 

The result is about as authentic an Irish pub experience as you are likely to find over in Victoria, Canada, albeit with one major twist – it’s a pub on wheels. 

“We didn’t have a house for the pub, so we put it on wheels,” Hamilton told the Vancouver Island Free Daily. 

Together the pair converted a 1970s trailer into a full Irish bar complete with four taps and enough space to seat six customers. 

What started as a hobby has become something a little more serious over the past few months. 

With much of the world in lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hamilton and Crolly put their newfound free time to good use by putting the finishing touches to the Wild Rover. 

Now fully kitted out, the pub has proven a hit after launching as a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bartender) mobile pub service for those still unsure about venturing out to their local drinking spot. 

"Not everybody is comfortable going out to the pub, to the restaurant to have their celebration, their party, so the idea is we can bring that party to you," Hamilton explained to Global News. 

"You can still have that celebration in the comfort of your own home with the people you’re most comfortable in your own bubble," he said.  

Since launching just over a week ago, Crolly and Hamilton have been inundated with bookings, fielding hundreds of enquiries from would-be customers eager to recreate the magic of an Irish pub on their doorstep. 


"We are blown away with the interest people have shown in this, and it just makes us so happy that we’ve already started working on the second Wild Rover," Hamilton said in an interview with Global News. 

Available weddings, festivals, bachelor or bachelorette parties and special events, this is one concept that’s got legs – or should that be wheels?