Watch: U2 play Stay (Faraway, So Close) live for first time in 25 years

Watch: U2 play Stay (Faraway, So Close) live for first time in 25 years

U2 GAVE fans in Copenhagen a rare treat on their Experience + Innocence tour with a rare rendition of Stay (Faraway, So Close!).

A popular track among fans of the Irish band, the performance represented the first time U2 had performed the track as a full band since 1993.

Fans were left stunned at the performance, with the band tearing up the script to offer up a rare treat from their extensive back catalogue.

Written for and inspired by Frank Sinatra, Stay (Faraway, So Close!) was recorded in Dublin during the first half of 1993.

It garnered critical acclaim upon release, peaked at no.1 on the Irish singles charts and a earned Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song.



Bono named it as one of his two favorite U2 songs, stating it was "perhaps the greatest U2 song," adding it had "most extraordinary contour of a melody. It's really quite sophisticated. The lyric never misses."

The Edge has spoken in similarly glowing terms, dubbing it "the stand-out track" on the 1993 album Zooropa.

The show at Danish capital's Royal Arena also included a rare performance of 1984's The Unforgettable Fire, U2's first performance of the song since 2010.

Footage of the performance was uploaded to YouTube and could provide the perfect taster for anyone heading to one of U2's UK shows.



The band is playing in Manchester, London and Belfast later this October.

It could yet prove to be the last time they perform on English shores after Bono admitted he was unsure whether the group would embark on a world tour again.

The U2 frontman, who endured a near-death experience last year, admitted the group are slowing down now that they are in their 50s and have to take things a little easier than they used to in the old days.

Despite these claims, the footage of this latest performance suggests there is plenty of life yet in the band yet.