Volvic axe 'Orange and proud' ad in Ireland and Scotland

Volvic axe 'Orange and proud' ad in Ireland and Scotland

WATER company Volvic's latest advert won’t be shown in Ireland or Scotland because of the slogan "Orange and Proud." 

The posters show a redheaded woman winking, with an image of the flavoured water.

The orange flavour is part of Volvic's 'touch of fruit' water range.

However, the ad will not run in Ireland, Northern Ireland or Scotland, Volvic confirmed.

A spokesperson for Danone, the French multi-national that owns the Volvic brand, said, "This campaign was designed as a fun and positive brand statement for Volvic as part of our marketing campaign."

“We are aware of the sensitivities, which is why these posters will not appear in Ireland, Northern Ireland or Scotland.”

A spokesperson for the Orange Order's Grand Lodge in Belfast, has described the policy as "bizarre".

“The institution would challenge Danone to publicly explain the rationale of their advertising disparity in the UK, particularly given the fact orange lodges also exist in England."

The spokesperson went on to call Danone's position "ridiculous and inconsistent."