Watch as Love Island contestants display total lack of geography knowledge

Watch as Love Island contestants display total lack of geography knowledge

WELL this is awkward.

We’ve all bungled a geography question or two in our time.

All of us (yes, you) have got the capital of Australia or Canada wrong at some point in our lives.

We’ve all hesitated when someone asks us which is which between Norway and Finland.

We’ve all been there. But not to this degree.

In a scene posted by ITV’s Twitter account, we see Love Island stars Belle Hassan, Joanna Chimonides and Jourdan Riane discussing geography (an extremely rare example of an intelligent topic explored on the show.)

Belle and Joanna share in an astonished exchange after confirming that Edinburgh was in fact in Scotland. (Incredible right?)

Joanna goes one further by then asking: “Is Italy in Rome or is Rome in Italy?”

At this point, Jourdan interjects by stating with some confidence that “yes, Rome is in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy.”

After briefly appearing geographically astute, Jourdan then ruins it all by making a blunder as bad as Joanna’s.

Belle, who was apparently not listening to the confirmation seconds ago that Rome was in fact a city and not a country, asks: “Is Barcelona in Rome?”

To which Jourdan responds: “Barcelona is in Italy.”

... 'Awks' (as the youth of today would say)

The blunder, while not as bad as some of the earlier ones was arguably made worse given that she said it with such hilarious conviction.

“I thought it was in Spain,” said Belle … as did the rest of us.

It isn’t exactly shocking to discover that reality TV stars don’t know their way around a globe, but this just takes the mickey a little bit.

Watch below.